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Ten customer experience trends for 2015

Do you know which way the customer experience winds are blowing this year? Here are ten key points that we have identified as areas of interest and customer experience trends that will gain traction in 2015. It might surprise you that many are about operationalizing the organization to establish a compelling customer experience practice.


  1. Expect to see less discussion and more practice of gaining deeper customer insights to drive business behaviors.

  2. To support the customer experience framework, customer experience knowledge will be required at higher levels in every position in the organization. This will come in the form of education, skills training, support, enhanced data, expanded partnerships and a new focus on innovative design skills and talent.” Diane Magers, AT&T.

  3. Channel consistency as a reality and not the stuff that dreams are made of.

  4. Technology to enable the greater dissemination of unified, repeatable and personalized customer experience.

  5. Companies buying solutions will start becoming more aware of not just the front end technology or output piece, such as just a website, but the overall digital experience platform – whereby the website plays a crucial role, but is just one part of the jigsaw that delivers true value and performance linked to experience optimization, digital media management assets and the need to be localized in order to do right by the customers and their high expectations.” Mark Lancaster, SDL.

  6. The discipline and job role of CX Design will come to the fore. Consultancy and agency specialists will troubleshoot, implement and support what may be a new way of thinking for many organizations.

  7. Voice of the customer and net promotor score can only take the customer journey so far. Organizations will build customer experiences from internal education and deployment to supplement those external facing programs and measures.

  8. One of the new CX challenges that will become center-stage in 2015 is the partnering across companies (even competitors) to ensure the intire ecosystem of customer intentions can be improved.” Peter Haid, E Source.

  9. More companies looking to organize their divisions, departments and employees around a centralized understanding of the customer and their experience. By extension, companies will look to identify the customer experience skillset in recruiting new employees.

  10. It's not mobile, social or big data.” John Kottcamp, Tahzoo.

 Which do you anticipate to be occupying your customer experience agenda in 2015?




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