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Copy with pride, but beware!

One of the most legendary advertising campaigns is the 'Whopper Sacrifice' by Burger King. In 2009-2010 this work won numerous top- notch advertising awards, including the Titanium Lion. Even today, several marketing conference speakers use this work as an example of outstanding advertising. But copy with pride, and beware of award-winning ads.

The ad itself is here.

Beware of award-winning ads

However, not so many people are aware that CP+B, the agency behind the 'Whopper Sacrifice' was fired shortly after the campaign. “Crispin's Breakup with the King Results in $300 Million Whopper Sacrifice”, was the headline in Ad Age on March 21, 2011. The same Ad Age story states: “Burger King did see a sales increase after CP&B signed on, but sales turned south in 2009, with the company reporting negative same-store sales from second-quarter 2009 through third-quarter 2010. Some might blame over-the-top marketing campaigns, a source of consternation among franchisees.”

They've lacked a cohesive strategy of what products are, and what the marketing message is”, said Ron Paul, president of Technomic. “Many consumers wouldn't be able to tell you what they're promoting, other than their spokesman. The sales results speak for themselves.”

Creative, but how effective?

This BK case was the impulse, the 'heureka moment' that got 'The Best of Global Digital Marketing' project started. There are so many award-winning works in the World, but what about the business results? Are these campaigns helping brands grow?

Our team started to monitor (we look at the winners of 200+ advertising awards globally) the award-winning works and find out as much background information as possible to find out if the creatively excellent works are also effective.

It turned out that it’s not all gold that glitters – very often (like in case of BK-s 'Whopper Sacrifice') the results are not good at all.

The case films that are submitted for the advertising award shows are essentially 'advertising for advertising' – the only purpose of such films is to impress the judges. No wonder such films focus on the positive side of the campaign only!

That is why one can get a completely wrong impression by looking at the award show winner’s case films only – critical analysis is very much needed!

Copy with pride

Legendary British planner and author Mark Earls writes is his book 'Copy, Copy, Copy': “Rather than this endless search for a brilliant and novel solution, why don't you just copy something that's worked before?”

Even Shakespeare and Newton copied other people's ideas. Why should the marketers waste a lot of time and energy to start a new campaign from scratch?

It is completely OK to copy campaign ideas from other brands in other countries and learn from other people´s mistakes.

That is what 'The Best of Global Digital' is all about.

We have hand-picked the best campaigns for you and conducted extensive background research to find out all the important details about these campaigns. We take a CRITICAL and ANALYTICAL look at the awarded works. We want to know WHY some ads help to grow the business and some ads fail. We conduct in-depth interviews with the agencies and industry experts to find out the truth.

Your task is to just find out what campaigns would suit you the best and copy the strategy with pride (and less effort).

Our conferences are always very interactive - each case study is discussed with the delegates and the key lessons are underlined. All delegates will go back to work with new ideas and a lot of inspiration.

The next event will take place in Leusden on 18th of February. Register already today at 'The Best of Global Digital Marketing'.

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